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About Sloppy

Sloppy is a versatile open source chess engine written by some Finnish dude. Here are some facts about Sloppy:

Update Jul 9, 2009 - Version 0.2.2 released

Just in case there isn't another Sloppy coming up for some time, I decided to do a release that just has some bug fixes, code cleanup, and better standards-compliance on Unix/Linux platforms. The search, evaluation, and almost everything that affects playing strength remains intact.

Update Sep 13, 2008 - Sloppy's source code moves to a git repository

From now on the latest development revision or tagged release can be found here. Any updates that change Sloppy's playing strength will be tagged with a new version number (currently we're at 0.2.0). Those who don't want to use git can grab the source of any revision by clicking the "snapshot" link associated with the commit. The opening books, endgame bitbases, and any other binary files will remain at the download page.

Update Feb 6, 2008 - Sloppy 0.2.0 released

Sloppy is back, stronger by about 50 - 100 ELO points. Unless some serious bugs are found, this is the last Sloppy before the next big release. I had to drop a lot of experimental features like improved learning, revamped static evaluation, smp search, etc. It's definitely going to take some time to finish implementing and testing them, but hopefully I'll get it done before the summer.

Update Oct 23, 2007 - Sloppy 0.1.1 released

Fixed some problems in the first version and even improved the strength a bit. Check the Features page for further details.

Update Oct 5, 2007 - Sloppy 0.1.0 released!

The first version of Sloppy is finally here, creatively named Sloppy 0.1.0. Plenty of coding, testing, stealing and not caring about one's health went into it, but it was worth it. The result is a somewhat well-featured, adequately documented and reasonably performing little program that I'm proud to share with the five people who care.

Click the Download link on the left to check it out. Binaries (slow ones) are available for Linux x86, Linux x86-64, and Windows x86. If you didn't recognise your flavour of operating system in that list, you'll have to compile the source.

Questions and requests should be directed at my electronic mailbox.